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Need Help W/ Sweet 16
I am planning my daughters Sweet 16 party with 160 guests. It is beginning at 7pm - 11:30 pm. It's going to be semi formal dress w/ a DJ. I am planning a slide show and lighting of the candles in the beginning when I am sure it will be primarily family with a few of her good friends. Since this is an evening party I would like just light finger food type ideas and amounts. I am also planning on creating a candy bar as well and of course the cake w/ice cream!
It's semi formal in the beginning and then will be informal later on as I don't want to require the teens to dress up or feel they have to spend extra money on something like that in order to come. I just want them to come and enjoy themselves!
What would you make for foods(no pizza or hot wings)? Also her colors are Amethyst and Silver so I also need a punch recipe that will be amethyst in color.
Thank you!
Amethyst is easy- any grape base, see the punch thread.

Teens eat a lot. I would do fruit trays, cold cut and cheese plates with small rolls and condiments; at least 3 different dips such as 7 layer dip, hot artichoke/spinach dip in a crock pot, and the eternal queso with sides of jalapenos and corn chips.

It takes 1/4 cup of dip per type per person; 8 pounds potato or 10 pounds corn chips per person; sandwich trays- see the sandwich page for all plus condiments; fruit info on the fruit tray page.

Did you mean ot say 8 pounds of chips or 10 lbs of corn chips per person?
That is alot of chips
Also on the Fruit it said 6-10 lbs of fruit for 100 people. That doesn't seem like very much. Is that correct or do I need more?
Sorry, on the chips it is per 100 people.

And I am unsure where you saw that fruit number, neither the plan for 100 "fruit for 100" nor the fruit tray for 25 says that... It is more like 30 pounds plus per 100