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Reception appetizers for 50-60 people
I am getting married in Key west in June and doing my own reception and am trying to figure out some reasonable priced apps to serve priorto a cuban dinner. I was thinking cheese, fruit, shrimp. How much would shrimp would I need? Any suggestions on appetizers that are easy, budget friendly ect. AlsoI was also thinking of doing a ceasar salad how much lettuce, croutons, cheese, dressing would I need? Thanks so much!!!
Use the plan for 100 salad table for the Caesar.

A Mexican style fruit tray with lots of cut up limes to squeeze over and hot paprika to sprinkle on would be great, and the cheese tray is an attractive and popular edition. Shrimp is delicious, but a real budget cruncher, since you need at least 1 pound per each 5. I recommend iced with 1/4 cup cocktail sauce per person. A big steamed and chilled snapper or redfish is another option.

I am catering my first appetizer party, for 60 people. I have my food cost at 35%, I am preparing 8 appetizers and it has come out to be 15.00 per person. My concerns are we live in a small area and we are the only catering company and just starting out, is this price to high? Their menu is kind of high end: Shrimp Cocktail, Garden Vegetable Chevre Pizza, Bleu Cheese Sliders, Crab Stuffed Mushrooms, Chorizo Empanadas, Vegetable and Fruit Trays. Thank you.
The usual cost for catered hors d' is at least $1 per "bite". Are you making 15 bites per person?
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