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Casual 50th HS reunion Party for 85
Having a casual indoor/outdoor Friday night event from 6-11PM for 50th High School Reunion. Serving appetizers only. Plan to have pre-made Sliders of Beef Fillet, pork tenderloin and ham plus shrimp cocktail, meatballs and pigs in blanket, bite-sized baked mac and cheese and deviled eggs. Plus of course fruit, veggies and cheese trays. Thought we'd have about 50 people, but 85 have signed up for this event. Need help with portions especially Fillet amt.
Nice menu.

The thing is, with that time frame, many will be eating supper from the buffet, so it increases amounts. As will alcohol. 85 people is 5/6 of 100.

Sliders of Beef Fillet, pork tenderloin and ham- about 1 ounce ready to eat meat per bun, that is 1 pound raw per 10 sliders
I would do 2 1/2 to 3 beef plus 1 each pork and ham per person

shrimp cocktail, 1 pound per 5, 1/4 cup cocktail sauce, pre portion into cups or increase to 1 pound per 4
meatballs, 1 pound per 5
pigs in blanket, 3 small per person
bite-sized baked mac and cheese, they will scarf, 4 ounces per person
deviled eggs, I do 4 1/2 dozen eggs for 100
cheese trays- 1 pound cheese per 8, 1 pound crackers per 10

I would add one or more starchy item- bruschetta, for example, or some such, or hummus and pita, or tiny potatoes, 3-4 ounces per person

fruit, see fruit tray page
veggies, see veggie tray page

Beverage and dessert planning on the two specific pages, have a good dessert buffet

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