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50th bday party
I am having a party for 12 women starting at 4pm. I am serving dinner at 8pm (there is going to be a masseuse. this is the reason for the timing.)I would like to serve for appetizers, fruit and cheese tray, mini quiches, Swedish meatballs and mini crab cakes. I am serving a whole filet for dinner along with mashed potatoes vegetables and salad. how many pieces do I need and how much filet.
What a nice idea. Small crowd, assuming the appetizers are during the massages.

fruit- 4 bites per person
cheese tray, 1 1/2 pounds
1 pound crackers
mini quiches, 2-3 per person
Swedish meatballs, 1 pound per 5
mini crab cakes, 3 per person and 1 cup dip per 5

whole filet, 6 pounds
mashed potatoes, 3-4 pounds (you might consider the smashed roasted red potatoes which are very trendy now).
vegetables- 4 pounds, or 3 pounds each of 2
salad- do something delightful, not just tossed- such as endive and walnuts, romaine with blue cheese and grape tomatoes, etc.

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