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Having a baby shower. For 40. Ladies
Having cake,and cupcakes,veggie platter,salmon,egg,tuna salad sandwiches taco salad,shrimp platter, cheese,pickles,garlic ,veggie pizza,devilled eggs,fruit platter,pasta salad, how much of each would you use for all thanks.
This is more dishes than I would suggest for 40 people-

cake, half sheet serves 25
cupcakes, 2-3 dozen

veggie platter, could skip
shrimp platter,6 pounds, 6-8 cups sauce
deviled eggs, 2 dozen eggs
fruit platter, use fruit tray page

salmon,egg,tuna salad sandwiches,
1 single sandwich per person, with deviled eggs, might skip egg
veggie pizza, 40 bites- about a 12x18

taco salad, does not hold well. How about chips (2 pounds) and salsa and a tossed salad (see the plan for 100 page, less than half
pasta salad, 2 pounds dry pasta

cheese, 3 pounds
pickles, 2 quarts, mixed
garlic, skip- too strong for lady shower...

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