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Italian Sausage & Peppers Recipe
Would like to cook Italian Sausages and peppers for at least 150 people for a reception. How many pounds of sausage, pepper and onions do you suggest and do you have a good recipe? We will also serve chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers and brats.
Italian Sausage & Peppers Recipe
This is too many entrees for 150 people! You will have either lots of something left over, or run out of the favorite before everyone is served. Also, burgers don't hold well grilling for a large crowd is both inconvenient and, if kids are present, dangerous. remember people are dressed up and relaxed.

This is my suggestion:

chicken, 150 pieces. kids will happily eat the legs, no hot dogs
sausage and peppers, 30 pounds sausage, equal weight each onions and peppers, If you do one pan mild and one pan spicy (label them), you can skip the brats, too!
Instead of hamburgers, meatballs, 30 pounds, about 9 quarts marinara- made ahead and frozen, or bought frozen, easy to reheat
Have 18-20 pounds or so of baguettes or Italian rolls, cut so people can make meatball sandwiches or sausage sandwiches if they wish. Add 10 pounds sliced provolone
Have one crockpot of vegetarian sausages (I like Field Roast Italian or unchicken apple), for any non-meat eaters

This will make your life day of so much simpler and is actually a more festive menu.

A full roster of cold food takes about 2 hours to heat up in the roaster, and will be 165 degrees in the middle when ready to serve (do stir several times). Remember you can only run 1 roaster per 15 amp circuit, which is usually 1 per room! Otherwise they blow the circuit and shut off.

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PS, if you use raw Italian sausages, be sure to brown them and the veggies separately before putting all in the roaster to get acquainted, and do rinse the browning pan with water you pour into the roaster. For buffet service, I often cut the sausages in half. If you use smoked sausage by the pound, cut in 3 inch pieces and just let it all simmer together several hours until it makes its own juice.

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