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Cook Talk

Pasta for 125
Hope this is 2 different groups, as the same dish for the same folks twice is not popular. The lotsa pasta page in big pots is what you need, it has a non- cracking Alfredo sauce recipe. The amount of pasta needed varies depending on type of crowd, teens, families, seniors, couples, ladies. Can you tell me more?
Do be sure the pasta is reheated to 165/180 by thermometer before placing on. The serving line.
Lori Matthias
Pasta for 250 people
We have a church fund raiser coming up in May. We would like to do 2 different pasta dishes.
1st. Dish chicken Alfredo possibly with penne noodles.

How many Chicken breasts, boxes of noodles, and Alfredo sauce would you make.

2nd dish Italian sausage with Mariana sauce and rotini noodles. How much of each for this dish?

We would also like to do fresh green beans and an Olive Garden type of salad.

How many Beans should we buy and how many heads of romaine lettuce?

Thank you so much and I hope your having a wonderful day!

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