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New Pages-- Ellen's Kitchen

September 2013

Hawaiian Haystacks, Stacky Uppy, Stacki Uppi, Chicken Sundae

Classic Rich Baked Mac and Cheese

January 2012

Veal or Chicken Marsala for 100.

June 2011

Fajitas,all about, finally! Enjoy.

November 2010

Holiday Vegetables: Green Bean variations, peas, cauliflower, pearl onions, brussel sprouts, spinach and more! Cream sauces and serving/ reheating tips.
Cranberry Choices; Relishes for 100.
Added Mushroom Gravy (can be vegetarian), basic meat gravy.

October 2010

Punches and Party Drinks; Tips and Recipes

April 2010

Salad Bars; Toppings, Tables for 100

Edit BBQ and texmex pages

September 2009

Added rice table and new chicken quantities to planning tables.

Wine and Cheese Party Tips will help with the autumn party plans

BBQ and Brisket updates for planning and serving tasty grilled meals

April 2009

Ellen in action on you tube:

Tibetan Bowls with Ellen

October 2008


New Tables for Planning Sides for BBQ'a and Picnics

June 2008

Festive Brunch for 100

Additional tables added to pasta, quantities for 100 and appetizer planning pages.

April 2008

Borracho ("Drunken") Beans for 8 or 100 Important for your Tex Mex fiesta.

May 2007

Tea Sandwiches for 250 Finally, for your party!

March 2007

Beans for 300- Easy

Beef Roasting Tips and Cooking Tables

Cole Slaw Tips and Quantity Recipes

Tips and guideline for Self Service Food Bars

Big Beefy Tomato Soups and Variations

Freezing Casseroles for OAMC with Pan Exchange Table

January 2007

Ice Cream Socials, Affogato, and Sundae Bars for 10, 50, or 200.

November 2006

Corn Side Dishes for 10, 50, or 100. Souffle, green chili, succotash, fried corn

Fresh Country Green Beans for 50 or 100.

August 2006

High Quality Food on a Low Budget revisions, while facing a 5 month lay off.
Tea Sandwiches for 250

Chocolate Fountains

June 2006 Wedding Chicken: Freezable Orange Dijon Chicken

New recipes and hints in Lotsa pasta including a spaghetti sauce for 1000 from the El Dorado hotel.

November 2005

Community Feasts; an Introduction
How to carve a roast turkey at the table
How to cut up many raw turkeys for faster roasting
Ellen's Better Green Bean Casserole for 60
Shopping list and quantities for large turkey dinners
25,000 for dinner; Raul Jimenez Thanksgiving
OAMC Freezable Turkey and Stuffing Casserole
Community Feasts; an Introduction
Lowering the Fats and Carbs in Your Thanksgiving Feast
The Gravy Pages: Gallons of Gravy
Safely Storing and Reheating Turkey and Gravy
Turkey and Chicken: Yield Tables

August 2005

Appetizers Italian Spinach Bites, Ham Puffs, Deviled Eggs

Dipping Oils

Party Dips and Trays Big recipes for Hot Artichoke Dip, 7 layer Tex Mex, and several more

Simple Tofu-Egg Loaf for 100

White teas

OAMC Bacon or Canadian Bacon for 100 you can pre-cook bacon and freeze for quick breakfasts, salads and burgers

Beans for 100 a variety of flavors, mostly oven or roaster-based

Bar Cookies Hints and More Granola and Breakfast Bars

Caffeine Facts

Chantico is a grand chocolate drink, and you can make a good clone at home

Simple Fruit Salads for 50-100

OAMC Hot Pockets or Calzones

OAMC Freezer Pancakes Stuffed French Toast and several breakfast strata/casseroles

All about piecrust and a step-by-step apple pie recipe

A history of Tea Parties

Finally found and posted the recipe for Simple Yellow Cake for 100 with brown sugar frosting.

Also, more updates added to bulk food yields, freezer charts in the OAMC section.

May 2005

All about Agar gells

Tables for American to metric measurement conversions

Liqueurs introduced- flavor descriptions

Au gratin Potatoes for 50

Life and the mayo jar: when is your life too full?

Yellow rice and other rice mixes

The 6 foot sandwich

New family potato and veggie recipes: poblano rice, yams, okra, potaoes, tomatoes, corn

Guide to Chinese tofu types

Microwaving eggs

Comparison table- 25, 50, 100 servings

All about stinky tofu or Tofu fa

Mexican Bread Pudding- Capirotada

A table of bean names and types

500 people for dinner?

Dim Sum Chinese tidbits; tiny garlic spare ribs, lotus-wrapped rice treasures, vegan ham roll

Soups for 50 Seafood Gumbo, Russian Beef Borscht, Cream of Summer Squash, Freezable Beefy Minestrone

Pressure Cooking Beans and Grains: Complete guide

Converting cups to grams

Granola Bars and Granola

Overnight Taco Salad for 25, and Ellen's Bulk Homemade Taco Seasoning

Basic Tacos for 250 Also, updated bulk food yields, freezer charts in the OAMC section.

December 2004

Baked Desserts for 50-100 Cheesy Apple Crisp, Rozky Slovak Raisin Pastries, Simple Yellow Cake

Salads that Hold for 50-100 Moroccan Couscous Salad, Next Day Many Layer Salad, Tabouli

Updated Swiss Rolls, Jelly Rolls, Roulades and Buche De Noel: Perfect Rolled Cakes every time

Sponge cake layers and filling recipes including "Buche de Noel" Christmas cake, eggless and sugarless

petit fours

Taho, Kembang Tahu, Dofu Hua

September 2004

Can sizes and equivalents

About Pumpkins and Winter Squashes

Pumpkin and Winter Squash Recipss including roasted seeds

About Tapioca, Yucca, or Manioc

June 2004

Basic Budget Entrees for 50-100

Spaghetti Casserole, Enchiladas, Chili, Lasagna

Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya, Fried Beef Liver, Baked Swiss Steak

Budget Side Dishes for 100

Slaws, Mac/Pasta and Potato salads for 100

Rice Sides and Entrees for 100

Homemade Traditional Italian Dressing Mix, like Good Seasons

May 2004

Debbie's Indonesian Satay Gluten Seitan BBQ

Updates to Impossible Pie recipes

Ellen's Own A La Mocha / FrappucinoCoffee Punch for 100

A Message from the Elders

"The Journey" and "When Death Comes" by Mary Oliver

New postings on the big pots spaqhetti and BBQ pages

Vegan Velveeta cheese substitute

Sesame-Ginger Salad dressing

Thai Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango

April 2004

Deluxe Homemade Multigrain Batch Pancake and Waffle Mix

Southwestern Breakfast Bake

Self-catering your wedding dinner or other big food event? Plan it better: read this first!

Large Tea parties and receptions from planning to brewing, with tea lore. How many pieces in that octagonal cake?


Spaghetti, lotsa pasta

Large BBQ's, with planning info, links and quantities

Appetizers and trays for 100's

Quantities to serve 100

Fruit platters and fruit salads

Vegetable trays and salads

Sandwich Events and Picnics

November 2002

TexMex Lasagna for crockpot or freezer

Spinach Collection

Eggplant Collection

October 2002

Homemade Grapenuts crunchy

Caramel Dip or Sauce

Persian Herb Omelette: Kookoo sabzi

Crust alternatives for pies and quiches

Food Processor Pie crust

OAMC Freezable pie crust and apple pie filling

New recipes and revisions for OAMC potato recipes

Buttermilk Bran Muffins: refrigerate the batter or make 4 dozen and freeze!

Spinach feta phyllo pie, Salmon tofu phyllo pie

Steamed Boston Brown Bread or date Nut Bread for Crock Pot or pressure Cooker

September 2002

Cholent: an Historical Stew

Ellen's Tender Crust
Yeast Dough Relaxer

May 2002

Texas Bean Caviars and Bean Salads

April 2002

Ellen's Best Unchuck Roast: Rooisboos-simmered Gluten/ Seitan

Worthington-style Peanut/ Soy/ Wheat Lunch Loaf, Seitan Style

Bryanna Grogan's Homemade Vegetarian Chinese Mushroom Oyster Sauce

Chana Dahl: Magic Bean (with 4 recipes)

March 2002:

Gluttony:How Much Pleasure is Enough?

February 2002:

Soy exchange units

New okara recipes

Tofu use hints and new recipes

Tofu quiche fillings, some vegan

Slow cooker safety

Soup mixes

Spice mixes


Bean caviars and green bean pate

Practically Perfect Fried Rice

Seitan or gluten pastrami

Impossible Dessert Pies

Impossible Dinner Pies

Impossible Vegetable Pies

Yeasted Olive Oil Dough, freezer pizzas and vegetable tortas

Eggplant torta

Baking powder and baking soda faqs

Flour facts

Ellen's Better Baking Mix

Refrigerator Angel Biscuits

The OAMC Novice- A Startup Guide

Freeze These Potatoes

A month of OAMC vegetarian freezer meals