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Breakfast Meats for 100

OAMC Oven-baked bacon for 100

3 to 4 18x26 sheet pans
Bacon from scratch on the stovetop or griddle for a large crowd takes a long time and fills the kitchen with flying grease. This oven-cooked bacon lets you move the preparation time at your convenience and leaves you ready for BLT's, bacon burgers or breakfast. Once baked, it can be frozen and then reheated by grill, oven, or microwave, which also makes it great for OAMC (Once a Month Cooking).

pan of cold water
jelly roll pans with racks (cake racks work fine in home oven size pans)
18 pounds thin sliced bacon makes 3 thin slices per serving
OR 12 pounds thin sliced bacon makes 2 thin slices per serving
OR 15 pounds of thick sliced bacon makes 2 slices per serving
OPTIONAL1 cup cinnamon sugar with a touch of ground clove

Before cooking or frying, dip raw bacon slices in cold water to prevent the edges from curling up.
Arrange bacon slices in rows, across pan with fat edges slightly overlapping and covering lean edges.
For a richer, sweeter flavor, sprinkle on a very light coating of cinnamon sugar, with or without a bit of ground clove mixed in.
Bake at 375 degrees without turning 20-25 minutes until bacon is slightly crisp. For a convection oven use 325 degrees.
DO NOT OVERCOOK. The bacon will get crisper as it cools or if reheated on the grill or in the oven.
CAUTION: You will have to drain or skim off excess fat if it rises high enough to soak or cover the slices, or fills the bottom of the pan. This fat is terribly hot and can cause bad burns, use full oven mitts, NOT a towel or hot pad, to move the trays.
Once cooked, remove pans from the oven, then remove the slices from the trays. Drain thoroughly on a layer of paper towels placed over a layer of newspaper.
May be served as is or frozen and reheated.
Although it is not dietetically correct, the fat is excellent for seasoning all kinds of dried bean dishes and many green vegetables. If you plan to save it, it should be frozen or refrigerated.


Baked Canadian Bacon Slices

100 2-slice servings (4 18x26 sheet pans)
400 degree F.

12 pounds 8 oounces Canadian style bacon

Preheat the oven.
If not sliced, slice Canadian bacon into 200 1/4 inch (1 ounce)slices.
Place slices in a single layer on sheet pans.
Bake uncovered 10 to 12 minutes in 400 degree F. oven, just until slices sizzle.