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Facts and faqs
Here you will find "Facts and faqs" of all variety. Ellen's bio, a little history about the Kung Fu Natural Foods Cookbook, a behind the scenes intro into the life of a vegan/vegetarian, and so on, and so forth.

Ellen's Bio
How I learned to cook and teach cooking

About The Kung Fu Natural Foods Restaurant and Cookbook
Many people contributed to the evolving menu at Kung Fu, from Iven freshly returned from Greece to Jamilla's spicy Gazpacho.
Wudshalo Bread is a protein-balanced whole grain bread.


Super Foods
Making Tofu and Soy Milk at Home

Special Diets

About Nutritional Supplements and Medically Prescribed Diets
Glycemic Index
Diabetic exchange units for special vegetarian foods.
Diabetic exchange units for soyfoods.
Flour Substitutions and Gluten-free Flour Mix see also, Flour storage and gluten-free link
Tapioca Facts including how to make the "pearls" in pearl/ bubble tea.
Eating Defensively reprinted with permission, a guide to food safety which addresses the special needs of the chronically ill, pregnant women, infants, and the immune-suppressed, including people with HIV/AIDS.


Nutrition facts for low cost foods; dairy, wheat germ, soy, molasses and sugars, gelatins, rice

Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium

Discussing carbohydrate needs

Vegetable oils and other unsaturated fats--

Kashmiri tea (green tea chai)

Food and Appliance safety

Safe Cooking in Slow Cookers
Food Safety for Events Establishments/ Situations

Conversations & Controversies

Soy Controversies
Eggs- Nutrition
Selecting high quality food on a low quality budget revised August 2006

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