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Clear Light Cookery

Inspired by my favorite vegetarian community in California. There, they omit onions and garlic and season ever so lightly, and everything is delicious.

Tofu-based Recipes and Soy

Basic tofu mix for 25 Essential for nuggets, burgers and many variations.
Nondairy White Sauce
Roasted Soy Nuts new- oven or microwave
At the University of Illinois soy kitchen, there are many additional great soy recipes.

Baked goods- sweets and breads

Jewel's high protein brownie bar
Crunchy "cheezish" vegan crackers
and Sesame crackers

Soups, Stews, Spreads, and Sauces

Zoe's Chummus- 60 servings
Uncheese Loaf: Emies' Vegan Velveeta

Vegetables and Grains

There are many crockpot grains and pilaf recipes in my Recipebox, and the vegetable selection in Big Pots includes vegetable main dishes, too.

Vegan Protein Sources

Wheat Meat AKA Seitan or Gluten recipes- for an inexpensive vegan protein source, check out the gluten recipe file in Ellen's Recipebox.

Okara recipes (tofu pulp) for entrees and soups

Wheat Okara Bread for Bread Machines
Potato Okara Pancakes
Mary's Okara Unchicken Nuggets
Okara Burgers
Okara-no-nimono: Traditional simmered okara soup
Okarani: Traditional sauteed okara
More Okara (Soy Pulp) Recipes new December 2004
Toasted Flavored Okara
Crunchy Soy Oat Clusters
Okara Oat Muffins from a Mix
Okara Nutrient counts
Okara Polenta
Okara Veggie Patties
Tia Elena's Okara Tamale Pie
Okara Curry
Okara Eggless Bran Cookies
Impossible Okara Pie (makes its own crust)
Okara Tempeh is easy to make and adds a great meat alternative

Gluten/ Seitan steaks, roasts, and loaves
Ellen's Best Unchuck Roast my personal favorite, even meat eaters like it!
Debbie's Indonesian Satay Gluten Seitan BBQ Delicious vegan grill kebobs can be frozen until needed. Skewers, pita sandwiches- many delicious summer treats.
New Unbeef and Unchicken gluten seitan steaks A great starter recipe, with tips about improving the texture of homemade wheat meat or gluten
Basics About Gluten Roast
History of Gluten as a Food
Quick Homemade Wheatmeat Cutlets
Favorite Gluten Roast
Crockpot Gluten Roast
Gluten Lunchmeats and sausages Pastrami for your sandwiches or pizzas!
Worthington-style PeanutSoyWheat Loaf An easy low salt seitan variation with a mild flavor, simmered in a vegan corn or butternut soup. Deliciously similar to the expensive commercial canned loaf, with a vaguely meatloafy texture, this slices without crumbling and makes great sandwiches whether sliced thin or thick.

Soy Information

Substituting Soy in Recipes
Exchange Units for Soy Foods- ADA

Soy Foods and Soy Dairy

Introduction to Tofu and Fermented Soy Foods
Making Soy Milk and Tofu at Home
Randy's Hints for Better Soymilk at Home
Using Tofu, recipes include tofu ricotta
Tofu quiche fillings both vegetarian and vegan
Taho, Kembang Tahu, Do Hua, or Dofu Nao Soft sweet soy custard with sweet syrup, found everywhere in the East under many names. No matter what you call it, a very special dessert.
Stinky Tofu, the unusual fermented tofu

Nutritional Values of commercial soy milks

Soy Yogurt Making

Branka's method
Smoothies, sauces, and more