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The Recipe Box

Archives, How-to's, and Recipes of all variety.

Various New material April 2004
KUNG FU Jamilla's Vegan Gazpacho

Oven-baked Rice
Rice Baked in Milk
Breakfast Baked Rice Pudding Variation
Main Dish Baked Grain Variation
Preparing Baked Grains for a Group
Practically Perfect Fried Rice new

Honorable Turkey

Meat & Fish
About Cooking Meat
Mom's Nebraska Meat Loaf
Honey Baked Chicken
Chicken Tunduri
Arroz con Pollo de Onis Cuban chicken and rice
Stifado with vegan variation
Stifado II with vegetarian variation
A Fish Stew
Barely Liver
Oven Fish Chowder
Bowl of Red
Kung Fu bouillabaise
Waterzooi: A Creamy Belgian Chicken Stew
Cholent, an overnight stew with history
Coq au Vin Classic chicken braised ruby red in wine new
Traditional matzoh ball recipes

A variety of vegetables

Fresh Artichokes new Cooking methods, dipping sauces, and how to pick a good one at the market!
Artichoke dishes Appetizers, artichoke olive condite for muffaletta, casseroles, and a really good freezable side dish.
Eggplant Collection
Spinach Collection
Pumpkins and Winter Squashes new Knobby giants or mottled new varieties, how do you pick them, store them and use them? Winter Squash Recipes from Red Pepper Pumpkin Pasta Sauce to Butternut Lasagna to Celebration Circle Banana Squash for 50. Also how to roast seeds and prepare pumpkin leather.

Phyllo, fillo, filo from appetizers to desserts
Spinach feta phyllo pie, salmon tofu phyllo pie

Middle Eastern Recipes

Soups and Vegetables
Lamb and vegetable soup
Lemony Lentil Soup, a vegetarian variation on Turkish Ezo Gelin Corbasi.
Louisiana Gumbo Z'Herbes half way around the world, yet very similar.
Vegetable Stew: Gormeh-Sabzi
Persian Herb Omelette: Kookoo Sabzi delicious fresh, but also makes a crustless low carb quiche for a portable breakfast or lunch

Specialty Snacks

Homestyle power bars
Compare commercial bars
Compare commercial meal replacement drinks
A recipe collection High calorie racing bars, High protein, Lowfat, low carb, vegan, uncooked; find them all here.
Ellen's own powerbar recipes

Chai Tea Indian spice tea, regular and caffeine free

Kashmiri Teas Green tea chai, salt tea

Bubble Tea

Vegetarian/ Meatless Entrees

Vegetable Stews and Entrees, Crockpot Grains
Vegan Roasted Eggplant Terrine new Vegan, glute-free.
Summer Vegetable Stews #2267
Lee's Vegetable Stews
Autumn Variation on #2267
Kung Fu Chili
Vegetables in Red Curry Sauce
Mushroom Stroganoff
Neatloaf: vegetarian options

Crockpot Grains and Pilafs
Barley in a Crockpot
Green Chile Grits in a Crockpot
Millet Stew in a Crockpot
Eggplant Caponata in a Crockpot
Picante Lentils in a Crockpot
Egyptian Lentils/Peas and Rice in a Crockpot
Lentils and Greens:Pasta Sauce in a Crockpot
Tofu Manicotti in a Crockpot
Bulghur in a Crockpot
Brown and White Rice Pilaf in a Crockpot
Pretty Good Crockpot Macaroni and Cheese

Wheatmeat, Gluten or Seitan
Debbie's Indonesian Satay Gluten Seitan BBQ Delicious vegan grill kebobs can be frozen until needed. Skewers, pita sandwiches- many delicious summer treats.
New Unbeef and Unchicken gluten seitan steaks A great starter recipe, with tips about improving the texture of homemade wheat meat or gluten
Basics About Gluten Roast
History of Gluten as a Food
Debbie's Indonesian Satay Seitan deluxe, for the summer grill or BBQ
Quick Homemade Wheatmeat Cutlets
Favorite Gluten Roast
Crockpot Gluten Roast
Gluten Lunchmeats and sausages For your sandwiches or pizzas!
Best Unchuck Roast My new favorite, the taste and texture on this pleases even meat eaters. It slices and shreds like a real pot roast. It is very easy to make- uses an automatic bread machine, a crockpot, and Chinese "vegetarian mushroom oyster sauce" which you can find at many Oriental markets.
Worthington Protose-style PeanutSoyWheat Loaf An easy low salt seitan variation with a mild flavor, simmered in a vegan corn or butternut soup. Deliciously similar to the expensive commercial canned loaf, with a vaguely meatloafy texture, this slices without crumbling and makes great sandwiches whether sliced thin or thick.

Yeast Breads, Quick Breads and other Baked Things

Boston Brown Bread
Fall treats even without the oven, date nut, apricot or Boston Brown Bread steamed in your crockpot, pressure cooker, or stovetop. Great gifts, too!
Pie crusts
Bread Machine Brioche or Mardigras King Cake
Pie crust hints, freezable apple filling and freezer OAMC pie crusts
Non-traditional pie and quiche crusts new From coconut to hashbrown crusts, look here for new ideas
Prize winning food processor pie crust new
The BEST Fruitcake

Honey Cakes
Golden Secret Carrot Cake
Oatmeal Cake with Broiled Icing
Applesauce Cake
Raisin Pound Cake a rich, economical bundt cake

Sponge cake, petit fours, Swiss Rolls, Jelly Rolls, Roulades and Buche de Nol

Swiss rolls, jelly rolls, roulades, buche de noel, chiffon cake, no matter what you call them, these stunning cakes require skilled baking technique. All the tips you need for success with a variety of filling recipes.
petit fours
Sponge cake layers includes standard recipes plus eggless, sugarless, flourless- lots of choices

Golden Scones

Pizzas and Tortas with Yeasted Olive Oil Crusts new Olive oil pastry, includes OAMC freezing directions for pizzas
WUDSHALO bread a great multi-grain, high protein bread.
"Breadbuilder Ellen's Homemade Bread Dough Enhancer can improve any bread machine loaf.
"Dough Relaxer" new Ellen's Homemade Dough Relaxer will give you more tender pizza crust or foccacia.
Sourdough basics and English muffins
Breakfast and Desserts
Nonnie's Buttermilk Waffles: a scaled recipe for 2-8 people.
Jon's Swedish pancakes; crepes with a Swedish accent.
Good for freezing/ OAMC, too!
Crockpot Lemon Cake Pudding
new Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango the REAL authentic Thai recipe. Heavenly.

Beautiful Soups

Golden Pumpkin or Squash Stock and Soup

Ellen's Forms or Master Recipes- Really comprehensive Introductions

Soups Basic soupmaking with many variations
Great Giant Muffins or Texas Muffins all flavors
Impossible Pies- one dish, very simple, very portable. Made with Ellen's Better Buttermilk Baking Mix, these pies make their own crusts, with dozens of variations.
Impossible Dinner Pies new Meat, cheese and seafood-based pies.
Impossible Veggie Pies new The theme continues with vegetable and vegetarian dinner pies.
Impossible Dessert Pies new Fruit, chocolate, peanut butter, coconut macaroon, even cheesecake and caramel- many sweet choices.

Special Guides

Dolmas: Preparing and eating grape vine leaves
Rice-stuffed packets wrapped in vine leaves. Hard to find instructions for fresh leaves as well as purchased. Many recipes, both vegetarian and ground meats, as well as dipping sauces.

EGGS faqs: selection, storage, safety and hard to find egg cooking methods.
Scrambled Eggs that hold for a crowd
Softboiled eggs
Hardcooked (hardboiled) eggs
Chinese tea eggs
Missouri Pickled Eggs
Really Hot and Spicy pickled eggs
Poach and Hold Poached Eggs
Cheesy Baked Egg Casserole
Cup Eggs or Shirred Eggs
Freezer Spinach Souffle for 3, with variations
Piperade with Baked Eggs or Pasta

A Hill of beans: Preparing dried peas and beans
Introducing Anasazi beans
Cassoulita: Braised Beans special dinner dish Mexican flavors with fresh corn and white cheese
Pasilla Braising Sauce
Texas bean caviars and Bean Salads new Great chilled summer foods, flavorful and easy
Chana Dahl Magic Beans new
Ethiopian Alicha Wat: new Spicy Chana Dahl Stew with Indian variation
Spicy oil or ghee (butter) new for Indian and African dishes
Chana Guacamole new
Chana Barley Pilaf new A flavorful pilaf with a desirable low glycemic index