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Kitchen Gardens
Gardening for the kitchen has many special considerations that can easily be overlooked by one's standard truck gardener. Here you will find out about growing herbs and much more.

Lemon balm the lovely tea herb developed into a great soup.
Fenugreek, once you start growing this fragant "Greek hay", you'l want to try the Arabic stew, Gormeh Sabzi. June 2001
Rosemary: I grow this at home because I like a lot of fresh rosemary stuffed into a roasting chicken. June 2001

Not all "natural" garden remedies are safe and reliable. Check this site for a comprehensive discussion of effective and ecologically safe pest control.
Jicama also called yambean or Mexican water chestnut, is a crunchy, low carbohydrate vegetable with many uses.
Kale and Collards revised August 2001
Indian Red Kale with Coconut


Earthworms and worm composting. See pictures and learn about the worms of the northern USA with John Mertus.
You can learn what makes good bedding for earthworms, what they like to eat, or just about anything else you might imagine about them, at the compost source Earthworm faqs.
Earthworm heartbeata and an earthworm birth; kid level fun learning worm anatomy at the yuckiest site on the internet. Lots of other yucky adventures, too; roaches are the least of it. And you can get classroom or home science projects including worm ranches at Let's Get Growing.
The folks at K and W Farms raise rabbits and worms in a coordinated agricultural effort. Enjoy their well-written discussion.

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