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Cold buffet reception for 25 - quantities

This festive menu includes wine and beverages, soup, finger vegetables, either fish or vegetable pate/loaf with sauce, breads with seasoned butter or soft cheese spreads, a fruit basket, and a beautiful dessert such as the Big Pot cheesecake recipe.

12 quarts or bottles dry white wine or champagne, OR 16 quarts mimosas

8 quarts iced soup (hot for winter)

10 pounds cold prepared fish or classic or vegetarian pate

1 quart seasoned mayonnaise or sauce

9 pounds (about 4 quarts) assorted marinated vegetables, such as artichoke-olive condite.

3 loaves artisan breads (10 cups flour)

2 pounds seasoned butter or bread spreads or soft cheese spreads

6 pounds seedless grapes

6 pounds small seasonal juicy fruits (peaches, plums, apricots)

4 quarts strawberries, large

5-8 pounds stunning dessert

1/2 pound coffee (makes 25 cups)

1 box cube sugar

1 quart half and half

8 quarts non-alcoholic tea, juice or punch

4 pounds ice per bottle to be chilled

8 pounds ice for beverages

Assuming these are mostly adults, this will be very satisfactory for a pleasant lunch or reception. For teens and early 20's, increase amounts by half, or add additional dishes: at a minimum, add 2 to 3 9x13 casserole dishes of a starchy or heavy dish such as scalloped potatoes, lasagna, or macaroni and cheese.

It requires about 4 hours in ice to chill wine or champagne. If you are going to serve either, allow 1/2 bottle per consumer.

Fruit tray: Don't serve apples, people don't eat them at buffets. Don't use banana chunks, they always get unattractive. Melon chunks or balls, seeded, can be substituted for any of the other fruits.

Stunning desserts: It takes 2 9x13 pans of brownies, 3 10" pies or 4 9" pies, a cheesecake made with 3 pounds of cream cheese, 2 9" 2 layer cakes or a two-layer 9x13 cake to provide 25 generous dessert servings.

Adding and changing:

If you wish to add a green salad, it requires chilling until served. Use 6 heads (about 4-5 pounds) of lettuce or greens, plan on 1 quarts dressing.

If you add cold sliced meats such as ham or roast to make a more substantial meal, your guests will eat 6-8 ounces per person (8 pounds thinly sliced) in addition to all the good things above.
You can reduce the amount of meat eaten somewhat by also adding a baked grain dish such as rice or couscous, or a starchy salad such as potato, rice or tabouli. You will need about 4 cups of dry rice or 10 pounds of potatoes. Contributor: ET Yield: 25