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Vegetable and appetizer trays

For amounts for 100 for tossed and other green salads, please see the Quantities for 100 salad tables.

Olives and Pickles: The Classic Relish Tray

Olives and Pickles for 50 to 60 people- 18 inch Relish Tray

This tray is a stand alone pre-dinner tray for 50-60 people. If served on an appetizer table in conjunction with other veggie trays and appetizers, it will easily serve 100. In formal settings, the relish tray includes any number of marinated or "pickled" things, both fruits and vegetables, but no fresh veggies; spiced apple rings, pickles, pickled peppers, spiced pickled pears, pickled mushrooms are some examples. Everything should be very carefully drained and no dip or dressing is served. If meats and cheeses are added, it edges over into antipasto.
Here are your quantity guidelines.

64 ounces (4 pounds) assorted pitted black and green olives
64 ounces (4 pounds) pepperoncini or sweet banana peppers (mild pickled peppers)
62 ounces (4 pounds) marinated artichoke hearts or pieces OR marinated green bean cuts
62 ounces (4 pounds) tiny dill pickles
62 ounces (4 pounds) small sweet pickles, cornichons
62 ounces (4 pounds) bread and butter pickles (may substitute whole marinated mushrooms)

Tray garnishes/ section dividers- you need about 6 cans (8 cups,) any assortment.
Canned baby corn
Gardineira marinated mixed vegetables
Pickled onions
OR you can use green onions or stuffed celery and/or carrot sticks as dividers

Chill ingredients, drain well. Divide platter with garnishes, then arrange olives and pickles as desired on a large (14-18 inch)chilled platter. Usually served slightly chilled, may be at room temperature.

Many variations

Rosette radishes
celery stuffed with chicken salad, pimento cheese, nut butter or cream cheese
carrot sticks or baby carrots
whole trimmed green onions
crunchy jicama strips
4 large fennel roots, marinated, sliced
4 pints grape tomatoes (replacing cherry tomatoes)
marinated or pickled pearl onions
marinated mushrooms
hearts of palm
dilly beans (whole marinated green beans)
pickled cauliflower
tiny pickled beets
marinated artichoke hearts
mixed vegetable pickles or gardineira
hot or mild pickled okra
watermelon pickles (made from the rind)
corn relish
chow chow
pickled peaches
spiced crab apples or apple slices
benne (sesame)seed sticks, savory
pickled walnuts
spiced pecans
pickled red beet eggs or deviled eggs
hard boiled quail eggs in curry sauce

Crisp and Tasty Veggie Platters

Veggie trays or "finger salads" are a good choice for many events. These are served with a dip or dressing

Prepare fresh vegetables except mushrooms at least the day before the party. Some will keep longer: see table. Wash and cut vegetables in desired shapes and sizes. Rinse in water which has lemon juice, Fruitfresh or a little vitamin C powder added. Arrange in food storage bags, add several ice cubes; seal bags. Store bags in refrigerator vegetable crisper. Drain and change ice daily until used.

A few hours before serving, drain and arrange veggies on trays lined with parsley, lettuce or purple kale, cover tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate until serving time. Allow 4-8 pieces per person, depending on occasion and type of use (appetizer, salad, relish). Allow 3 tablespoons thick dressing or 2-3 tablespoons thinner dressing per person.

* For a bright green color, the starred vegetables need to be blanched. Blanching also helps with tenderness (green beans, asparagus). Plunge into boiling water, start counting time immediately. Blanch pea pods only about 30 seconds, in and out. Blanch other vegetables 2 minutes; immediately plunge into ice water. Drain; pat dry with paper towels. Store as above.

Raw Veggie Favorites

Two ounces per person is a good amount for a veggie tray tray.

Vegetable Approximate Yield
Asparagus*, 1 lb 20-35 spears
Broccoli, 2 3/4 lbs. 45 - 1 1/4" florets
Broccoli florets, 1 lb bag 40 pieces
use by fourth day
Carrots, 1 lb 65 3 1/2" sticks
use by sixth day
Baby-cut carrots, 1 lb About 40
Cauliflower, 4 3/4 lbs 75 - 1 1/4" florets
Cauliflower florets, 1 lb bag 17-20 florets
use by fourth day
Celery, 1 3/4 lbs
3 trimmed heads
100 4x 1/2" sticks
use by one week
Cucumber, 1 3/4 lb (2) 45 4 x 3/4" spears, seeded
use by second day
Whole green beans*, 1 lb 30-40 beans
Jicama, 1 1/4 lbs 40 4 x 1/2" sticks, peeled
Mushrooms, 1 lb. 20 whole, 1 1/2 - 2" caps
use same day washed
Pea pods*, 1/4 lb 30 pods
peppers, sweet mini peppers, 1 dry pt. 18 peppers
peppers, bell, 1 pound about 2 48 3 1/2 x 1/2" sticks or 20-24 dipping chunks ince cut, use by second day
tomatoes, cherry 1 pt. 25 - 1" tomatoes
tomatoes, grape 1 pt. about 40 tomatoes
Zucchini, 1 1/4 lbs (three 6") 35 - 1/2" round slices, unpeeled
may also be sliced in sticks
use by third day
Dip, 2 quarts 50 2 tbsp. servings

A sample veggie tray for 25-30

I like a lot of color and texture variety on my trays.

25" tray
2 small tongs for self service
1 dressing cup (see below) for dressing, made from a small red cabbage, small winter squash, very large bell pepper
2 cups thick dip or dressing
1 pound cauliflowerettes OR 1 1/4 pound peeled jicama
1 dry pint sweet mini peppers OR 2 pounds bell pepper chunks
1 quart cherry tomatoesor grape tomatoes
1 pound baby carrots or carrot sticks
2 cucumbers or zucchini, cut in rounds
1/2 pound celery sticks OR broccoli florets
1 pound specialty veggies- blanched asparagus, pea pods, marinated mushrooms or artichoke hearts
1-2 bunches green onions, trimmed to 6 inch lengths for garnish
1 pint large black olives OR stuffed olives or marinated mild cherry s or pepper rings for garnish
1 bunch parsley, leaf lettuce or purple kale for green garnish

Prepare veggies in advance as outlined above. Make dressing cup: trim a red cababbage flat do it will stand, from the top cut out a slice, then core out most of the cabbage, leaving about 1/2 inch of cabbage leaf wall. Rinse in lemon water, wrap tightly, refrigerate. When ready to serve, arrange on tray and fill with thick dip.
To assemble; Line tray with greens, place dressing cup, alternate vegetable colors white, red, green, yellow/orange. Garnish with olives and green onions. Fill dressing cup. Keep covered and refrigerated until served.