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Randy's Soymilk Hints

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Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2000 3:46 PM
Subject: making Quality Soymilk at home

We have had our Soyajoy soymilk maker for about six months now. It is still as wonderful as when I reported back in May shortly after purchase. We now have come up with a few hints and tips to assist you in making a better tasting soymilk:

* Although you can soak your beans overnight and store them after draining in the refrigerator until needed, we have found that the tastiest soymilk is made from beans that have been soaked for about six to nine hours, washed, drained and used immediately after soaking.

* We usually make a gallon at a time. We place the gallon in the refrigerator, but also place about a quart in a sealable container with a pour spout. When we are ready to use some soymilk we can shake the smaller container vigorously (over the sink) and this improves the texture and taste. The gallon can be stirred and then the quart container refilled from that. It is also handier for the kids to have a smaller container to handle. Without stabilizers and other additives it does tend to settle.

* The recipe we use is to make three batches for a full gallon. Each batch is a "double." That is, we make a batch, then using that soy milk instead of water we make another batch (double strong)- repeat three times for a gallon.

* We only use the Laura beans from Fairview farms. They are a quality bean, make delicious soymilk, and the price is extremely reasonable even including shipping costs. We usually buy thirty pounds at a time for the two of us. At less than $1 a pound delivered it was about the same as the grocery store beans which are not specifically for soy milk. At 70 grams of beans per batch, even with our "double rich batches," that's only about $.83 of beans for a gallon if you purchase 30 pounds at a time! if you like the thinner, weaker milk, its only $.42 a gallon! Compare that to commercial soymilk! [all prices USD 2001].

To one gallon of fresh, warm soymilk out of the machine we add:

* 3 Tbs. white sugar or maple syrup (we didn't like the taste of fruit sugar nor rice syrup)
Sweetener may be umitted for cooking purposes, but it makes it much more palatable for drinking
* 3/8 tsp salt
* 3 tsp. vanilla extract (look at Costco for large bottles- 16oz. bottle for about $6.)

Even with those ingredients added, the cost is well under $.01 per ounce- far less than you pay for commercial soy milk.

HINT 1: Try a fresh glass, warm right from the machine- it is wonderful in the cold winter months, particularly with a little cocoa mixed in! We are going to be using it to make cappuccinos and lattes as soon as our machine shows up! It does seem to froth up very nicely.

HINT 2: Do NOT place the okara in your trash compactor! It will squeeze out everywhere like a giant tube of toothpaste run over by a large truck. Don't ask me how I know.

HINT 3: Soyshakes: Mix the soymilk with your favorite protein powder and a frozen banana. Mix with a high speed mixer (we use a Braun right in the glass) for a delicious low-fat breakfast shake.

From Randy G.... AKA "-ED" at the...."F.R.C.N." Feather River Canyon News - "Fruit Of The Plume" Serving The Community Since 1986