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Exchanges for Special Vegetarian Foods

Here is a table of calculated values for common vegetarian food choices.
In my practice, when counseling vegetarian diabetics, I treat legumes differently than the American Diabetes Association Exchanges do. I count 1/2 Cup of cooked legumes as 1/2 very lean protein and one bread exchange, while ADA uses slightly different size portions and just counts them as a bread. For a vegetarian diet, that needs to be modified.
Food Measure Exchanges
nutritional yeast flakes
vegetarian support
3 tablespoons 1 bread or more accurately, 1/2 bread plus 1 very lean meat
nutritional yeast flakes, VSF 1 ounce 1 bread plus 2 very lean meat
carob flour 2 tablespoons 1 bread
kefir, low fat 1 cup 1 milk + 1 fat
Loma Linda Veggie Links 1 oz 1 high-fat meat
Morningstar Farms Grillers 1 oz 1 high-fat meat
miso 3 tablespoons 1 bread plus lean meat
seaweeds, cooked cup 1 vegetable
soy flour cup 1 lean meat + 1/2 bread
soy nuts 2 tablespoons 1 lean meat
soy grits, raw 2 tablespoons 1 lean meat
soy milk, plain, calcium fortified 1 cup 1 milk + 1 fat
tahini 1 teaspoon 1 fat
tempeh 4 oz. 1 bread + 2 protein
wheat germ, plain 1 tablespoon bread
wheat germ, plain 3 tablespoons 1 medium fat meat