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how much pasta would i need to make spaghetti for 50 people and als chicken alfredo
Lana are you making both at the same time? For main dish servings for 50 people, you want about 6 pounds of dry pasta.
How much Rigatoni with meat sauce should I make to serve 80-100 guest?

Also, How many hotdogs shall I make to serve the same amount?

And Spaghetti Salad how much shall I make to serve 80-100 guest?

Hamburgers in sauce what about how many Hamburgers I shall make to serve that many people?

Having a Graduation party with 80 -100 attending


Julie are you serving rigatoni as a main course and spaghetti salad as the side dish at the same meal? Are you serving the hot dogs at the same meal? (I would skip the hotdogs and serve meatballs for meatball subs). Write back.
Quanity to cook for 125 guests
I am cooking for the County Humane Society Golf Outing in two weeks. Could you please help guide me with a quanity for the following items. This will be served buffet style.
Rigatoni, Sausage & Peppers, Herbed Chicken Breasts and Thighs, Green Beans. Red Potatos.
If the rigatoni is a side dish, 8-10 pounds dry for 100. Grren beans 22 pounds ready to eat for 100. Red potatoes, 35 pounds for 100. If you expect people to want the chicken and sausage equally for 125 people, you want about 75 servings of each (people eat more, and some of each, when multiple are available. If you want to figure generally, 5-6 ounces cooked ready to eat chicken PLUS 3 ounces suasage per person.
i am doing a benfit for a cancer patient, a dinner for 50 people of spaghetti and bread how much spaghetti do i need
See the spaghetti dinner for 50-60 complete outline at the bottom of the spaghetti page. Best of wishes on the effort.
We are doing a brast cancer benefit for a friend, we would like to know how many pounds of dry spaghetti to use and how many #10 cans of already prepared spaghetti sauce to use
See the spaghetti dinner for 50-60. One #10 can is 12 1/2 cups, just over 3 quarts.You did not mention how many people?
Oh sorry, we are expecting to do spaghetti for about 400 people, and would like to how much dry spaghetti and how many #10 cans of sauce
7 to 8 times the amounts for the 50-60- dinner; the klesser if you are serving plates and not sure if you will get all 400; the greater if it is buffet or you are sure of your numbers. Offer also take away trays at the end, you can get the aluminum disposables with lids at the warehouse stores. Good luck! We just raised $3000 with a dinner and silent auction for a friend in the same situation. I support universal health care and the public option, and I'm a nurse.
We r cooking our own food for wedding reception. We r having rigatoni, meatballs, greenbeans, salad, bread. How much or each item will I need to serve 100?
See the lotsa pasta page. At the bottom there is a guide for 50-60, for a wedding you would do 2 times to 2 1/2 times this plan. All kinds of cooked vegetables on the main plan for 100 page. I would do an antipasto type salad and a second veggie- eggplant casserole, maybe, or a great minestrone soup.
Serving Spaghetti from a Deli/Cartier, french bread and salad for 150 people. The spaghetti will be already made. How much should I purchase for 150 People with the spaghetti as main dish? Thanks
Consult your deli, then add 10% to what they say. They know how big their pans are, and I don't.
rigatoni with meat sauce
I'm doing a benefit for my sister who passed with cancer ,to cover some of her medical expense. We want to have Rigatoni, green beans,salad and italian bread. How much Rigatoni with meat sauce do I need for 150.
Thanks, Skye
See the spaghetti page and use the meal for 50-60 at the bottom of the page to help you with quantities. It's a hard time. Take care of each other.
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