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leg of lamb in a 18 qt roaster oven
Shelley Turner
I need a recipe for leg of lamb done in a 18 qt Nesco roaster--all the guide says is 25-30 min per pound at 350 degrees --I have a wonderful oven recipe--herbed crusted--can I adapt that? How?
The problem with adapting an herb crusted recipe, is that the roaster cooks moist, a little faster and hotter than a regular oven, and things dont get crusty! I would use a 325 oven, and no more than 25 minutes per pound, plus 30 minutes standing time- I dislike overcooked lamb- put a rack in the bottom after spraying the cookwell thoroughly with non-stick- preheat for at least 20 minutes. Preheat the regular oven to 500, put the crusted roast in for 20-25 minutes, transfer to the preheated roaster, and knock about 20 minutes off the total cooking time.
do you have a good recipe for leg of lamb in the roaster--I don't HAVE to use my own--
No, sorry. I don't do leg of lamb or roast beef in the roaster, I prefer the drier/crustier roast effect of the regular oven. Your recipe would be fine- if you do it in the roaster and don't do that hot flash at the beginning, you can still get all the flavor of the crust, it just won't be crispy.
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