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Chocholate in a chaffing dish
B fitch
dose anyone have a rescipe for chocolate that i can use in a chafing dish. And i also need to know how much food to get for 200 ppl help me please.
This chocolate dish is called chocolate fondue. Assuming you are talking about dippers for the chocolate when you say, how much food, see the chocolate fountain article for a comprehensive guide to types of dippers and quantities.
If you dont mind can you check my numbers. This event is at 6:30 pm for 200 ppl
2 strawberries each 20 lb of strawberries.

watermelon 4 pices each 6 20 lb water melons

1/2 an orange each 100 oranges

3 jars of cherries

20 bx of cookies assorted with 40 each in them.
(oreos, chipsahoy chips ahoy peanut and nutter butters)
5 bx rice chrispy treats

10 bgs of pop corn

5 bg pretzels
5 bg marshmellows

I am also haveing trouble converting a chocolate fondue recipe, all the web site say someting different. I will be placeing 2 chafing dishes so i will need to fill both

This looks about right if the bags are 2 pound bags. I would NOT do popcorn unless it is already-shaped balls. I would skip them and double the strawberries.

Measure the volume of your dishes. You need 1/4 to 1/3 cup sauce per person.