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Cooking Boneless Chicken Breat
I am cooking 200 chicken boneless breasts this weekend for a large fundraiser. I will also be cooking roast beef. My cooking options for the breasts are in roasting pans in the oven, or in roaster ovens. My dilemma is: can I layer the breasts in my roasting pans (2 or 3 rows high), or should I cook them in a single layer. If I cook them in a single layer, I will have to cook them in batches and then either keep warm in chafing dishes, or reheat in the oven before serving. My main concern is that I do not want them to be dry or rubbery....any suggestions??
Yes. Premake a sauced chicken such as coq au vin or my Orange Dijon wedding chicken, reheat in roasters. Baked/roasted chicken with no sauce WILL dry out.