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Hi Ellen,

I was looking at your rice charts and want to make sure I have it right. I'm making rice as a side for 50-70 people. Does your chart say that 1 lb of rice makes 2 quarts cooked? I'm also thinking I can just make my rice in the oven in a 1/2 steamer pan? is that correct? It looks like I would do the same thing. 2 cups broth to 1 cup rice and bake not covered 350 for 1 hour. Is that right? from what I can figure if a half steamer pan holds 7 quarts I would do 3 1/2 lbs rice to 15 cups water. if a lb is 2 cups of rice. Do I have this correct?
Thank you in advance.

You are close.
The rice must be tightly covered in the oven, foil or lid.
The liquid should be boiling when poured intro the rice. If using aluminum foil pans, be SURE they are on firm cookie sheets.
3 1/2 pounds is enough for sides for 50 but not 70.
If the oven is preheated, check the rice after 45 minutes. When done, turn oven to 160-180 to hold.
A half steamer pan is closer to 5 quarts than 7. Use 2 or 3...
Been reading some more on your site. Could I do this whole thing in a roaster? Will it keep warm while I travel about 2 hours? Then put in chafers. Or would I be better off doing a few half pans in oven covered with foil then put in roasters to keep warm. This way I can take out one at a time to refill?

It might be windy outside. Will chafers keep lit and warm correctly with a wind factor? And if I did about 5 1/2 lbs would that fit in a roaster, with about 22 cups liquid and be enough for 70 people?

When using broth should I use half broth and half water? I am finding that sometimes at home it sticks a bit at the bottom and wondered if it was because I'm using all homemade broth.

I'm so sorry for so many questions. But you seem to have done it all. Thank you so much! Your site is a blessing.