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fruit salad
If I want to do a friut salad for 250 consisting of watermelon, cantalope, red grapes, blue berries, and strawberries; what are the quantities of friut I would need? I have to order the watermelon by the pound in chunk form, the cantalopes whole, grapes by the pound, and the berries by the pt.

any help would be apreciated

The whole cantaloupes will render 1/2 their weight in edible fruit; the berries weigh about 11/2 pound per quart. You want 4-6 ounces of edible fruit per person, the larger amount if it is dessert or self serve. So you might order enough to have 1 ounce each of the melons and grapes plus 1/2 ounce each of the berries, at a minimum.