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Graduation for 125 guests
Ellen: I am planning a graduation for my daughter. The menu will be, baked ziti, sausage and peppers, baked chicken, meat balls, fruit salad and tossed salad.

I have 12 lbs of ziti, 6 lbs of ricotta, 5 lbs of mozz cheese, 12 lbs of sausage 6 lbs of peppers, 42 lbs of chicken, 13 lbs of meatballs, and 18lbs of lettuce. Rolls 1 per person.

Are these quantites sufficient? How much fruit should I get? Party is 6/26.....HELP!!!!

Thank you

Good menu, but you are a little short on the meats. For this age group, unless you are really sure of their lower appetites, I would allow at least 1 piece of chicken per person plus 3 ounces of sausage per person plus 10% and that works out to more like 60-70 pounds of chicken pieces plus 20 pounds of sausage. You can plan on a weight of peppers plus onions equal to the sausage to stretch it a bit.
You can cut down on the meat by adding another side dish, such as a nice pasta salad- 6 pounds dry pasta per 100 to start. Also garlic bread- 8-12 loaves per 100.

I suggest fruit trays instead of salad, easier to fix and eat, prettier, and the leftovers are more useful. At this time of year, watermelon is usually the least expensive fruit on the tray. You want to end up with 4-5 ounces of edible fruit per person- see the fruit tray page for help with amounts.