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Feeding 300 Hungry Bikers
Loren Nelson
In 3 weeks my wife and I are feeding 300 hungry cyclists in Northern Minnesota. We're doing pulled BBQ pork sandwiches and 3 sides. We're ordering 150# of pork. We have access to some 18 qt. electric cookers. How many will we need to accommodate that much pork? We're unsure of volume.
If you are cooking/shredding/saucing/freezing ahead and reheating, the serving will only require about 8 roasters- they can reheat 12-14 quarts. But they only roast about 15 pounds max for step one.

By the way, if that is not boneless pork, you better order more.

Also, by the way, 3 roasters will blow one circuit. Check your wiring situation.