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Volenteer for local Salvation Army Soup Kitchen
Beth Ann Feimster
Dear Ellen,
I do volenteer work for our soup kitchen in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We have a cook with very little knowledge of balance and health on a limited budget. We feed anywhere from 70 to 150 people per night, 5 nights a week. There has got to be more that we can serve besides beans and cornbread, basic soup, Hamburgers and hotdogs. Do you have any suggestion or recipes we could go off of! I love to cook but am not used to cooking for such large quanties of people. I would like to get more involved in this project but don't know how!
Yes Read the basic budget entrees in the big pot section; all are cheap and suitable, and they are made for 100. Read the article on shopping on a very limited budget;

Adequate nutrition is critical; you should not be feeding poor people hot dogs.

sherril juarez
I was wondering when you accept volunteers and any details you could give me.
Thank you,
Hi, Sherril,
You need to contact your local Salvation Army chapter or United Way to find out about local volunteer opportunities.