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Wedding Reception for 150 guests
On Sept. 4th, I am having a catered wedding for my daughter with the exception of appetizers and beverages. It will be a late afternoon reception with dinner starting no later than 4:00 and probably closer to 3:30. Appetizers and beverages will be available for guests starting at 2:00 with the meal to follow.

From looking at your other posts, I have come up with the following. I would like to know if this will be enough for 150 people:

15-20 lbs. cheese
9 lbs. crackers

5 lbs. carrots
3 lbs. celery
8-10 cucumbers
3 lbs. broccoli
4 lbs. cauliflower
3 quarts grape/cherry tomatoes
? peppers
? dip (planning on using a pourable Ranch like Hidden Valley)

12 gallons punch
tea (I have a large can of instant raspberry tea that makes 28 quarts)
coffee (I have one large container each of regular and decaf)

There will also be plated salads on the tables for the guests to enjoy. The rest of the dinner will be served buffet style.

I am uncertain on the dip amount and the amount of peppers needed for the appetizers.
Will I have enough punch for this time frame? Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

This is pretty close. The veggies are a little short, I would probably add one of my 60 person relish trays for interest. 3 quarts thin dressing for 100.
For the peppers, you see the veggie tray page, 1 pound makes about 24 dipping pieces, and I like to allow 2 pieces per person, mostly yellow and red.
Thank you for the advice. Should I lean more towards the 15 lbs. of cheese or closer to 20 lbs.? How do you make that determination?