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Bar-B-Q Fundraiser
I just need basic help...were a non-profit organization & need a few questions answered. We are serving rice, beans, & potato salad how much would we need to purchase if we served 500 plates @ 1/2 a serving each?? Thank you so much in advance!!
Hi Ellen - great site! Catering a grad party and following your plan for 100. Menu will consist of bbq chicken and italian sausage. If I plan on 30# fresh sausage patties, how many pounds of green bell pepper and onions should I plan on for cooked p/o on the side, assuming that all won't favor?
Jessica, use the plan for 100 table. Even if you are planning small servings, you need enough for 350-400 to make 500 small servings.

Sharla, I use an equal weight of combined onions and peppers to the sausage, leaning a littl eto the pepper side and including reds and yellows for color.