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Electric Roaster New Potatoes
Having 50 people for dinner and all ovens being used for entrees. Would like to prepare new potatoes in electric roaster...but see that you don't advise it. How about precooking new potatoes and re-warming in roaster. How would you go about doing that? (How would you pre-cook them and how would you reheat them?)
Thank you!
Reheating roasted potatoes does not give a great flavor. You can certainly do steamed new potatoes in the roaster- it is just that it does not do the roasty style very well- no brown bits, etc.
You would do a deep rack to allow the steam layer. Preheat til the water steams, put in the 18 pounds of scrubbed potatoes all the same size,cover and steam, replenishing the water as it cooks off with more boiling water.
I leave peels on, as the bottom layer tends to get a little softer that the top.