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Rice for 50
Need rice as side dish for dinner for 50 Tuesday night. want to use 18 qt nesco roaster. What is the easiest way and how much do I need? How could I use Uncle Ben's Long grain and wild rice packages. Timing: hot and completely ready at 6:00 p.m.
thank you so much!!!
First about the UB white and wild; each little grocery store box serves about 3, so you are looking at 18 boxes or so. You need 4 1/4 cups water for 2 boxes, add 2 cups water for each additional box.

If you can get the large restaurant style box, each pound dry serves 8-9.

Converted rice is a good idea even if you just do white. About 5 1/2 to 6 pounds.

Method for roaster:

1. Combine rice, contents of seasoning packet, water and 1 Tbsp. butter or olive oil (per box) into the roaster cook pan, stir well.
2. Bring contents to a boil by covering roaster and setting to 400. This takes time: allow 20 minutes per gallon of water used.
3. As soon as it boils, REDUCE HEAT (about 325) and simmer covered 25 minutes (for 2" depth- add about 5 minutes for each additional inch) or until water is absorbed.
4. Turn heat to 180 to hold, covered.

Okay! Bought 2 5lb bags of Uncle Bens Converted Long Grain Rice. Will make 6 pounds per your suggestion. Instrucions just go up to 12 servings, but it looks like I just use ratio of 2 water to one rice.....and 2 T butter for every 3 cups. Is that true?

Do the other directions that you posted apply to this exactly the same.

Guests arrive at 5 p.m. If I make rice between 4 and 5p.m., will it hold well at 185 degrees until serving at 6???

Thank you so much, Ellen!

Sounds about right, and yes, directions apply. I would put 2 layers of wet-and-wrung-out clean dishtowel over the rice while it holds and keep it covered. Maybe a sprinkle of fresh chopped parsley or dill or whatever goes with the meal, right before serving..
Thank you so much, Ellen!
Rice worked out well....just did 5 lb and it was plenty.
Only hiccup was that the water steamed but never came to a rolling boil. So it stayed at the higher temp most of the time and then I lowered it to 180 when most of the water was absorbed.
Any idea why it never came to a full boil? Any advice for next time??
Bottom line: it worked and we had a great party!
Thanks for the feedback You are right, it never does come to a full rolling boil with that much water in the roaster. Too much surface area for the heating element, I think.
The suggestion to keep 2 damp dishtowels on top was terrific as well!!!
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