See a letter from Ellen about the donation campaign. Your help matters!

spagetti dinner for 300 people
doing a benefit dinner Saturday, about 300 people.
spaghetti,meatballs, salad and roll.
please someone give me a clue on how much food I need to prepare. Were figuring 2 meatballs and 2 cups spaghetti for adults, half for children. How much salad and dressing, spaghetti sauce, pasta.I am starting to freak out, beside we have to carry the food in cooked, put into the large cookers, no cooking facility on sight.
Go to the spaghetti page, see the spaghetti dinner for 50-60 and prepare 3 1/2 time the amounts. This allows that some are kids.
Crab Feed for 400
Holding our first Crab Feed for 400 people.
How much should we plan for the side dishes of pasta (red or white sauce? and/ or green salad and garlic bread. Don't wantto over/under do it!
2400 crabs! That's a lot of crabs!
See the spaghetti page to plan the pasta and sauce and the plan for 100 page for help with the salad and bread. Then write back if you want me to check.