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Brining container
What size container do you need for a 15 lbs turkey to include brining liquid solution (will an 18 quart, polycarbonate plastic container be big enough)?
Depending on the amount of liquid your brine recipe makes; with mine I use the extra large Ziploc bags & store it in a cooler keeping it under 40 degrees. I live in WI so it's plenty cold here this time of the year. I lock my cooler in an outside shed. If you're weather is too warm, just pack it with ice to keep it cold. Doing it this way makes a huge space saver in your refrigerator!! Just a suggestion. Good luck with your Holiday meal!!
Fort a 15 pound turkey, you might need the even bigger XXXlarge 5 gallon ziplocks; you put the turkey and brine in, and immerse the whole thing in ice in the bucket.
You have to use food safe plastic around the brine and turkey. Regular trash bags and regular trash cans are not food safe. 18 quarts is only 4 gallons, and I would not do less that a 5 gallon container (one of those really big ones restaurants vet stuff in) or bag with this size turkey.

Also,the 5 gallon container is just the right size for a toddler to fall in, not be able to get out, and drown. Be careful where you put it.

I should have specified the gallon size of Ziplocs that I use; they are the 10 gallon bags and they do work perfect for this purpose! My brine recipe makes alot and I have a bigger turkey as well.
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