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wedding reception
Hi Ellen,

Doing a wedding reception for a dear friend. 2nd marriage. The groom is from Louisiana. I thought it would be fun to do a traditional gumbo dinner. They will have about 60 guest. 30 of which are his family.
9 oz gumbo
4 oz rice
3 oz crusty bread
1 cupcake
coffee, water, sweet tea.

There won't be seating so the guest will have to hold there dinner in their hand and eat. Because of that this menu is very simple.
Its also little on the short side but she is wanting it to be small and quick and inexpensive. What do you think?

I would suggest you encourage them to add a bit more to this menu Here is what I would add:

relish tray- roasted nuts, olives, some marinated or pickled vegetables
Appetizers- mini crab cakes (if VERY broke, could be made with the imitation crab) with a remoulade dipping sauce, a shrimp mold/spread that could be added to the bread, some other bar or cracker.

Since the dinner is so light, it is very important to have a nibble table so the guests aren't standing around with nothing to eat while they wait for dinner. People really notice and remember when there is not enough food...

Have extra cupcakes. People do eat 2 or take some home.

You might like this off-site article:

If there won't be appetizers, you need to add a potato or pasta salad; even if there are, it would not be a bad idea.
After all there is a reason it is called a "wedding feast".
I agree, There is a reason they call it a feast. Thank you. I"m going to at the very least add a simple green salad with tomatoes and balsamic dressing. I have read this type of salad is big in Louisiana. Thanks for the Link.