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Christmas Dinner for about 35
yolanda martinez
Hello Ellen,

Our Christmas Dinner will be on Tuesday, Dec 21. We expect to serve about 35 employees buffet style. Our dinner generally lasts from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Listed is the menu and quantities:

roasted turkey breast: 9 pnds
bone in spiral ham: 13 pnds
roast beef: 10 pnds
dressing: 8.5 pnds
mashed potatoes: 15 pnds
whole green beans: 9 pnds
small broccili florets: 8 pnds
corn in sauce: 2 pnds
turkey gravy: 3 quarts
cranberry sauce: 8.5 ounces

If we decide not to have a roast(beef), by how much would you increase the turkey and ham?

Do you think the amounts will be enough for 35 people? Would it be enough for employees who like seconds and for 1-3 additional guests?

In addition, we have croissants, butter, canned beverages (tea, ginger ale, coke), sheet cake for 35-50 people.

Thank you.


Plenty food!!! Except cranberry sauce, you need about 4-5 cans and corn, very popular, you need 5 pounds. Green beans and broccoli a little long.

If skipping the beef, do 18 pounds turkey. Even if you do have the beef, you might get a little more turkey.