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Wedding Reception Variety Ratios

Iím planning a 3pm wedding reception for about 275 people. My menu includes pasta salad, warm spinach dip with tortilla chips, bacon wrapped smokies, fruit salad, cheese tray with crackers, veggie tray, deviled eggs and possibly finger sandwiches. Iím wondering what the ratio for each item would be? Iím debating as to whether the sandwiches are needed? I read on your site that you can reduce the amounts of each with every addition, Iím just confused as to how much Iíd need of each with this many selections? Thanks for all your help!

Hi, this is a perfectly fine menu, the only thing is, it is usual to have about 12 choices for an hors d'ouevres type meal like this for this many people. I would add another meat or two or the smokies will be inhaled.

You are correct to think that the finger sandwiches are probably not the best choice- fussy to make, have to be made day of, leftovers are not very re-usable. So let's look at some other options.

pasta salad, 6 pounds dry pasta per 100
warm spinach dip with tortilla chips, 1/3 cup per person plus 1 1/2 ounces chips per person
bacon wrapped smokies, 1 pound per 5 persons if adding one or two other meats
fruit salad, see fruit tray page for amounts. Consider using fruit trays instead; prettier, keep better, can be made ahead, leftovers more usable.
cheese tray with crackers, 12 pounds per 100 cheeses and cheese balls/logs, 6-8 pounds crackers per 100
veggie tray, see veggie tray page
deviled eggs, see recipe for 100, make amounts for expected numbers
possibly finger sandwiches. Instead, how about either cold cut trays and rolls and condiments, and/or two or three other meaty entress- meatballs, seafood hot dip or seafood mold, chicken chunks in sauce or bites of some kind, mini quiches or Parm-spinach squares or stuffed mushrooms or spanakopita or other hot bites