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Open House for 100 eductors
Hi, I am holding an open house for approximately 100 eductors. It is a holiday open house from 9-12 and we would like to serve finger/breakfast foods. I have no idea how much to buy??? any suggestions??

These are the types of food i was thinking: muffins/sweet rolls/donuts/breads/fruit/a few goodies/ juice/water

BTW...they may not all show up, so I am really unsure of what to plan on!

Any idea about how many? If you don't know, you have to plan as if all are coming, which can get expensive...

How about
-a recipe for 100 of the oatmeal streusel muffin squares on this site, as a base?
-maybe 8 loaves of quick breads, sliced
-About a dozen hard-cooked eggs in the shell
-8 pounds of mild cheese cubes, string cheese, slices or logs/balls. If you use logs/balls, you can use some crackers; or animal crackers or vanilla wafers if you do sweet ones
bagels, about 3 dozen, split, with cream cheese and jam
-About 100 assorted mini muffins (chocolate is a hit)
-about 4 dozen assorted yogurts
juice and coffee/tea per the beverage page. If you get juice boxes, what is not used will keep.