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Wedding Reception 150+ updated menu
Last year I posted my potential menu for your review, we have since changed it around a bit and I am hoping to get your help again!
An afternoon wedding, 150-175 people, mostly in their 30's w/ some kids and some 60+ ages.

extra nuts, pickles etc. on bar, and bread on tables with oil for dipping

3 18" platters Cheese and meat w/ crackers
3 18" platters Vegs, olives, etc. and dip
Smoked Trout Spread- 1 qt. w/ crackers/ bread

small appetizers (some on buffet and some served by waitstaff):
meatballs- 12 lbs mt to make 300 meatballs
sausage and pepper skewers w/ bread- 300
philly cheesesteak skewers w/ bread- 300
steak skewers with horseradish- 300
scallops with bacon in wonton crisps- 250
Two bruschettas (pea/mint and onion)- 200 ea.
Gougeres cheddar puffs- 300

Buffet for dinner:
20 lbs. each caesar and coleslaw

mac and cheese station- (for small servings)- 10 lbs dry and 4 gal. sauce each 1 lb. fits into full hotel pan
Chicken and Pork- (also small plate servings)- 30 lbs. of chicken and 20 lbs. pork w/ sauces
three-grain pilaf 5 lbs. dry
Vegetable Medley- how much?! (I am thinking maybe carrots and something or zucchini and squash)

Dessert Buffet, fruit tray and wedding cake

So how much veg medley (this will go into a chafer w/ the chx and pork and pilaf) and check the other amounts? I don't want to have too much, but that is much better than too little! Thanks so much!

I think you have a bit too much food, but I need help- how much food on your platters, or weights, or estimates of people served? Write back.
I am following the recipes for trays I found on here. I am planning on 1 olive/relish tray, and 2 veg trays. Then there will be 1 meat/cheese tray (w/crackers and bread in a basket), 1 cheese w/ crackers (and some fruit), and 1 meat w/ olives (like an antipasto tray) all are 18". I will however have some backups cut of everything in the fridge so the trays can be filled since they are smaller.
So I do still need some help w/ the veg medley amounts. And if you can check the others too that would be great!
The apps are all smaller, 1-2 bites ea. The skewers (beef, philly, and sausage) all consist of one piece of bread with one piece of meat) which is why I am making so many.
I do have 2 chefs for the day before, and the day of, hired to help me. I will also have servers to set up the buffet and keep it stocked.
three-grain pilaf 5 lbs. dry. Grains are cheap, I would make at least 8 pounds
Vegetable Medley- how much?! (I am thinking maybe carrots and something or zucchini and squash)
22 pounds ready to cook per 100.
Check you volume as well as weight on the Caeser, you might want 25 pounds.
I would have 40 pounds of chicken and 30 pounds of pork, even with some held back in the fridge till you see how it goes
Here is the updated menu and amounts for a May wedding with 150 people invited. I need to know if my amounts are ok. Sunday afternoon wedding 1:30(ceremony) reception following.
Nibble table
sundried tomato & basil cheese torta
baggette slices and crackers
potato chips w/ carmelized onion dip
veggie trays with ranch dip

a bowl of nuts will be on each table

Spring salad w/ choice of 3 dressings
potato salad
pasta salad
deviled eggs
fruit trays
meat & cheese trays
big basket of croissants
relish tray

Favors: homade cookie buffet ( in baskets)

Wedding Cake

Coffee pitchers of lemon water
wine &beer

30# deli turkey
20# honey baked ham
22# cheddar, swiss, colby cheeses
200 croissants
5 dz deviled eggs(from 100 page)
40# potatoes w/ 1 gal mayo, 3dz eggs, 2c onion)
8# pasta (11/2 qt. italian dressing, red pepper,cheese, celery, olives)
14# tossed salad mix with 12 8oz btls dressing
(Ranch, italian, maybe rasberry vinegrette or bleu cheese?)
1 1/2 qts mustard
1 qts dijon mustard
2 qts mayo (for sandwiches)
Fruit trays: 7 cantalopes, 5 honeydew, 8 pineapple, 1 18# watermelon, 8# strawberries, 10# grapes
10# potato chips w/ 2 qts onion dip
veggie tray: 4 cucumbers, 3#califlowerettes, 3# broccoli, 2 qt. cherry tomatoes, 3# carrots, 2# blanched green beans 1 gal. ranch dressing
relish tray: 4# olives, 4# mild peppers, 5# dill pickes, 2# sweet pickles
2# coffee
2# sugar
100 packets Splenda or Sweet n Low
3 qt. half and half
8 gal. punch
keg of beer
3 1/2 cases wine
tortas: 9# cream cheese, 6 2/3 cups sundried tomatoes, 2cups tomato paste, 1 c.olive oil, 1 1/2 c pine nuts or other, 7 1/2 cups basil, 5 tsp fresh lemon juice, 1 2/3 cup parmasean cheese, 21 cloves garlic, 3 3/4 c butter

28 dz cookies(oatmeal-raisin, choc-chip, peanut butter, snickerdooles, and rolled cut-out butterfly sugar cookies).
100# ice
12 lemons
20 lg cans deluxe nuts

This looks good, and you won't have a lot of leftovers. I suggest some baskets of sliced read, not everyone likes croissants. Also, a bowl of swirled smooth peanut butter and jam if there are kids coming.
Wedding in May
Hi Ellen
a friend of mine is getting married in May and I thought I would like to know if her amounts are correct. She is having 170 people
40# deli Turkey
30# deli Ham
25# provolone cheese
rolls-16 doz.
baked beans 4 gal
baked mac & cheese- 8# dry macaroni
potato salad- 40# potatoes
pasta salad- 8# dry pasta noodles
pickles- sweet-2#
dill- 3-4#

Fruit trays & dip
cheese & crackers
Please let me know if amounts are okay.
Thank you

This looks pretty good, you need sandwich condiments/ fixings (see sandwich page) and I would add 2 of the relish trays on the veggie tray page, instead of just the pickles. I would also probably add about 8 more pounds turkey, and a big bowl of swirled smooth peanut butter and jam if there are kids coming.