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Outdoor Wedding for 180
Hi...we are planning an outdoor wedding reception on a lake for 180. My son would like to have kabobs,renting a commercial grill for the day. Then some sides. Do you think this is feasible to do with this number of people? What would you suggest? There is a very limited budget. Wedding ceremony is at 1pm. They will have some apps like cheese/cracker/fruit trays. Thinking of bear, wine, lemonade, ice tea, water and wedding cake for dessert.
Kabobs is possible, they all have to be made ahead, the veggies are skewered separately to simplify cooking. Tight budget, go with chicken, not beef, or if you must have some beef do the traditional keftah kabob (ground beef). Rice pilaf, green beans cooked with tomatoes Middle Eastern style, some Middle Eastern dips and spreads like hummus, a make ahead Greek salad, maybe tabbouleh; relish tray with the appies.

For 180 people you are looking at at least $2800-3000.