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long grain rice for 100 people in electric roaster
i need to get help on this as soon as possible thank you
can anyone give me help on preparing long grain rice in electric roasting pan for 100 people thank you gloria
Hello, Gloria,

For 100 people you will probably need 2 roasters, unless you are making very small helpings.

Assuming you want to cook a roaster full- if it is less, just cook it in a covered pan in the roaster as if the roaster were any other oven-
this works for up to 6-8 pounds of rice. Do NOT fill the roaster fuller, it will boil over:

Measure out the rice and water into bowls.
Put the water and desired salt and seasonings in the roaster, bring to a boil with the roaster at 350 or above. Allow up to 20 minutes per gallon for this- it can take a while.

Stir in the rice and 3-4 tablespoons of vegetable oil, bring it back to a boil, turn the heat to 300 and clap on the lid.

Cook covered about 40 minutes, stirring once about 10 minutes in. KEEP IT COVERED.

When the rice is done, put a clean cotton dish towel over the top to keep moisture off the top layer, turn down to 170-180 and keep it covered until you fluff and serve.

Will this work for risotto also? Can I make it several hours in advance and keep it warm?
Experiment; make a small batch and hold it on low in a preheated crock pot for the proposed wait, and see if you are happy with the result. Most restaurants do not hold risottos.
Joe Chef at cheftalk.com suggests this:

There is a way of producing v.good risotto without the heart ache. I do this exact method and i server each order separately. Its all to do with your prep and i had a v.good Italian chef show me this method. In getting prepped up before service take a baking tray fry off 2-3 large shallots (per 2k of aborio rice) in olive oil soften but don't brown add your risotto fry until it goes slightly transparent, add 2 ladles of white wine when the rice has almost absorbed this, Add a some stock depending on what its for let the rice absorb this then add the same amount of stock but wrap the tray in tin foil straight away an place in an oven for 13 mins @ 190c. When you take it out let it rest an you will have risotto rice that is only half cooked. In service treat it like uncooked rice and it will only take half the time if that. DO NOT cook it all the way when prepping it other wise you would have cooked out all the starch and it will make crap risotto.

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