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Birthday Party in the park..
I planned a birthday party for my 6 yr old at a local park on Sunday from 1:30 till whenever - probably 4 or 5 depending on weather- no elecricity, will be using the fire site for the two warm foods and then ice chests for everything else..

I just found this site and am now afraid I do not have enough... the guest list is growing and I have more than expected attending. i have about 27 kids under the age of 13 (most are 4-6 range)and 50 guests age 13 and up. Most adult guests are in the 30 range, half men and women.

This is my menu - but I am afraind I need to rethink it now!

My mother in law is bringing:
a giant fruit salad (not positive how big)
2 boxes of party pizza (just sauce on dough, it is a regional thing)(54 pieces each box)

I am having:
3 bags chips
3 bags of tortilla chips
16 oz salsa
Cowboy caviar - (corn/bean salsa - about 3 pounds I am guessing by the time it is made)
2 bags cheese puffs
veggie platter with ranch and onion dip

macaroni salad (2 boxes dry macaroni)

5 lbs hot dogs - about 40 hot dogs

Sauage and peppers -
5 lbs sausage (will slice)
5 lbs mix red and green peppers
5 lbs onions

6 dozen rolls for sausage and peppers

1/2 sheet cake
brownie -box mix (2 boxes)
Rice crspy treats (making 2 time a regular batch)
rasberry squares (krusteaz brand box mix, 2 boxes - about 8x8 pan each box)
possibly lemon squares - 2 8x8 pans

was thinking about adding a 3 bean salad or broccoli salad

Do you think I need more hot dogs and sausage? or I was going to but 10 lbs raw chicken breats and make chicken salad rolls... I am not sure!!! Thanks for all that you do for others!!!

You are right to be concerned. Basically, I would double everything you are providing, except just 1 1/2 times the rolls and hot dogs, including the cake but not the other desserts. If you add the 3 bean or broccoli salad, 1 1/2 to 2 gallons.
Thanks!!! I really appreciate your input!!