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Camp Catering
This website is amazing!!

Sorry I didnt realise you could start new threads (this is in regards to the camp for 200 people).

We have experiences cooks who are volunteering for you (love the helpful youth parents!!)

The camp will be from 3 days. It will include 3 Lunches, 2 Dinners & 2 Breakfasts.

It has 17 Kitchens available which all include a cooktop & over. Mircowaves etc are available as well.

Storage wise there is a large cool room and also a variety of fridges available.

A cafe with pie warmers is also available.

Thanks so much for you help!!!

Interesting. So there is no large kitchen with dining hall? Will they be cooking in each house?

Here are some ideas which would be low cost and low labor, when you write back tell me which might work for you, and I will go into more detail:

Lunch Friday, carry in, sandwich makings, fruit, chips, finger veggies, cookies and brownies, milk and lemonade

Suppers Friday, Sat; baked potato bar with meat topping (bbq beef, pulled pork, etc), salad; taco bar/ Tex Mex feast; roast chicken with rice or cheesy potatoes, salad, veggies, beans; baked chicken spaghetti (this is more work, because cooking all the pasta is time consuming); see all the basic budget entrees on the Big Pots page.

Breakfasts Saturday, Sunday: scrambled eggs, bacon or ham, and oven potatoes; sausage-egg or potato-egg casserole; baked French toast or strata; always yogurt, granola & cereals, toast and fruit. The oatmeal sheet muffins on the big pots page are usually popular. Unless you have commercial size griddles, pancakes are not an option.

Sunday lunch; cleanup leftovers,

2 other breakfast options, breakfast burritos made ahead and frozen, thawed and baked onsite; breakfast tacos
The kitchen's are set up like a school Home Economic's room. We are creating our own dining hall outside with tarps, tressel tables etc.

Sorry took so long to reply!!

I love all of your ideas for the food. And becuase we have kids with dietry needs I believe we are going to have options for them as well.

Sandwhiches, fruit, veggie, brownies etc for Friday lunch are definately the way to go. Simple, easy yet filling.

For Tea the Roast Chicken with rice / cheesy potato, Mexican feast sounds good, Chicken pasta I think are great options.

I think those are probably our best bet and great options!

What do you suggest now?

Thanks for all your help so far!!!

Leonie, I am not clear what additional help you are asking for or whether you have selected your menus and want help with amounts? Please tell me more.