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Italian Dinner Nite at Church
Having an Italian dinner at church - thinking 100 people - oh oh how much to cook - menu is Italian wedding soup, salad, appetizer, penne pasta with 2 different sauces, eggplant parm, manicotti, meatballs, sausage/peppers, tuscan chicken and then dessert (yet tBD). How much should we make?? Any ideas??
This is an awfully large number of entrees for 100 people, so I assume the idea is a tasting menu where people try a little of each. I am also assuming buffet, but I recommend you have servers for the meats to keep the portion size of each in the tasting range for the first round of service- two serving lines for 100 people.

Italian wedding soup, 6 gallons
appetizer, You could combine these two to an antipasto platter, there is a guide on this site
penne pasta with 2 different sauces, 1 pound dry pasta per 6, 1 quart sauce per pound, how much of each depends on what sauces there are.
eggplant parm, 3 ounces per person (1 slice eggplant)
manicotti, 1 per person plus 10-20 percent
meatballs, 1 pound per 5-6, 1 quart sauce per 5-6 pounds
sausage/peppers, 1 pound per 6 sausage, peppers (and onions?), approx equal weight
Tuscan chicken, 3 ounce piece per person- 1 small breast, 1/2 large breast

Need bread, coffee. Wine?