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kielbasa in electric roaster
I am making kielbasa, hot dogs, & kraut in a electric roaster. I know the kielbasa & kraut goes in first. I plan on putting a layer of kraut then kielbasa then kraut, kielbasa, etc ending with kraut I am thinking about 24lbs of kielbasa. How long & what temp do they need to be cooked. Also my plan is to put dogs in during last 1-2 hours can this all be done in the same roaster or should it be split in two roasters. I could always use 2nd roaster to just do hot dogs.
I would definitely do this in 2 roasters, or the edges will be dried out before the very center is cooked. I would do 1/2 and 1/2, as 24 pounds kielbasa plus kraut is too much for one roaster.