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Cooking for 100-150 people
I need to know how much ham and roast beef for a carving station, assorted pasta salads, seasonal grilled veggies(squash,zuchinni,red onions,yellow and red peppers,and rolls. I also had a problem with the charging the price for a dinner like of this magnitude. Can you help me?
Shunte, caterers would charge $10-11 per person for the ham station, plus $12-15 per person for the roast beef station, plus $7-10 per person for the veggie and salad station and about $5-10 more per person for the bread, beverages, etc., would include set up service and dishes, etc, but extra for staff. Cake/dessert, appetizers and alcohol extra.

Usual amounts for party portions are 5 ounces ready to eat beef (2 pounds raw boneless per 5) PLUS 3 ounces ready to eat ham (1 pound boneless for 4); 6-8 pounds dry pasta plus fixings for 100 people for pasta salad; about 30 pounds ready to grill veggies for 100.