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Taco Bar +
I know you have probably answered similar questions, but I am planning a taco bar for about 40 people. We will featuring pork carnitas and grilled chicken fajitas (which I will slice) for the meat. In addition, we are going to have 10 dozen tamales.

1)Judging by what I have read, I am thinking that 6 lbs of pork and 6 lbs of chicken should do the trick? Would you recommend doing an equal amount of both?

2)How much Rice/Beans?

3)I also want to have both corn and flour tortillas. How many of each would you recommend?

4)Do you approve of the menu? I am slighlty nercous about omitting beef, but I thought the pork and chicken would be lighter on a hot day (not to mention my feature beverage is white sangria). Any suggestions or comments?

Thank you for all that you do for us cooks/entertainers!

I would start with 8 pounds raw minimum per meat, might go to 10 if they are very heavy eaters. OK about the beef.
3 1/2 pounds each dry rice and beans.
2 each per person flour and corn tortillas
You need toppings- see the taco bar, use 2/5 the amount for 100.
I would add fruit trays and salad (chopped lettuce salad); guacamole if the budget permits.