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ceramic glas top stove kenmore
nina flora
i am 77 and my hubby is 83 and we just a year ago bought our first glass top stove. he was skeptical. i just loved it right off. it cleans so nicely with just minor effort. i have a jcp set of stainless steel pans and one name brand stainless steel large chicken fryer pan we call it and have had absolutely no problem/my husband loves to "fry" meat to my despair but he puts it on low for a while gradually turns up to brown. he is more patient than I and i usually make any other items or veggies etc. so far we both just love it and "knock on wood" no problem with top.course we got the extra warranty on top so as to be safe. i just want to do some canning and it is a kenmore 790 and i find nothing about this "water canning" etc. i hope someone can help me with this.
Hi, Nina, I think you posted on the long thread also, please see- canning is not recommended on these tops- a hot plate works.