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afternoon party following destination wedding
Planning a Sunday picnic/pig roast for 120 guests starting at 1:00. Pig stuffed with keilbasa & kraut, is to yield 60lb pork + keilbasa. Also preparing 30lb roast beef in broth for sandwiches (2 -15lb roasts)and ordering 100 pieces of fried chicken. Sides include canned potatoes with butter & parsley 45#, baked beans (canned) 22#, rigatoni 10# dry, and slaw 20# with thick dressing. Also will have cookie table 50+ doz, veggies 12# & dip 4qt, cheese 15# & crackers 5#, and Cake! Any suggestions or adjustments appreciated.
You are pretty close- here are my notes

veggies 12# & dip 4qt, would probably do 20 pounds, esp if no fruit
cheese 15# & OK- none left
crackers 5#, I would suggest 8
Assuming these are the appetizers, consider adding a fruit tray

60lb pork- plenty
keilbasa- about 18 pounds?
30lb roast beef in broth for sandwiches (2 -15lb roasts)-plenty
100 pieces of fried chicken- probably overkill; 80 would probably leave leftovers

Need bread/rolls and sandwich fixings, see sandwich page

canned potatoes with butter & parsley 45#, -OK
baked beans (canned) 22#, -OK
rigatoni 10# dry, OK
slaw 20# with thick dressing-OK

cookies 50 dozen- plenty

You might also consider several pounds of veggie burgers or veggie sausages for the non-meat eaters in the party, there will be some.
Thank you very much for the quick reply. So good to have your recommendations. I've been debating about adding fruit...but hesitating only because we will eat shortly after guests have arrived as the bride & groom will already be there. I'm so glad I stumbled across your site. It's a great resource that I'll be sure to share with others.
You are welcome. A donation to support the server is always appreciated, if that is possible for you.
Must re-adjust numbers due to late RSVP returns. Instead of 120 we're expecting about 145. We've added another 15lb roast beef (total yield from 3 should be approx 35lb?) Also increased chicken to 110 pieces. No change to the pork. Replacing the slaw with a green salad - 26 lbs? 1 gal of ranch along with some italian dressing. 25lb veggie tray, 25 lb cheese tray w/ 10lb crackers. Up the potatoes to 58lbs, baked beans to 30lb and rigatoni to 12 lb dry? Also planning 10 doz. hard rolls for sandwiches? Kindly re-evaluate and advise please :) THANK YOU!
and another thing Ellen...I'm getting really nervous about making so much rigatoni. Do you recommend I make it the day before or the morning of? Boil the pasta then put in roasters with sauce? Preheat the sauce?
Ten deep breaths as needed. It is going to be fine.

Your estimates look pretty good from here. You can make the rigatoni the day before, mix in the sauce, and bake day of. You can store overnight in refrigerator in baggies. It is definitely 2 roasters full if you are using electric roasters.

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