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keeping rice warm in a roaster
Hi Ellen,

I need help!! I used a 18 quart roaster to cook rice, but I must have done something wrong because the rice turned out very sticky and mushy. It was so horrible, I had to throw it out!! I decided to cook rice on the stove top, but want to keep it warm in a roaster because I will be serving the rice outside at night and chaffing dishes do not keep the rice warm. Can I use a roaster to keep the rice warm or will it become mushy (even though I will cook it on the stove top)? HELP!!

I regularly use a roaster to keep rice warm.

First, start with either converted rice (UNcle Ben's type), brown rice, or Basmati. All three hold better than any others.

Second, cook it barely done, with just enough water/liquid to finish- no extra.

Third, preheat the roaster 20 minutes to 200 and spray with nonstick spray.

Fourth, add the rice, put a clean cotton dishtowel over the rice to catch any drip or moisture from condensation. Put the lid on. Turn to 180. It will hold an hour without mushing.

You must preheat the roaster and bring the water to a boil before adding the rice when you try to cook from scratch in the roaster, use the right rice, and cut the liquid about 10% from the usual, since the roaster holds moisture better. You also have to turn down to 180 as soon as done and put the cloth on

Thanks, Ellen. I'll try it again!
Dahlia Ferguson
Cooking rice in a 18 qt roaster for 100 ppl
What would be a recipe to follow for rice cooked in a 18 quart roaster for 100 people. Last time I did 8 cups of rice with 16 cups of liquid and it came out ok however it was not enough rice to feed the group. Please help. Its for a graduation party and I need help. :)
Thank you!
I do at least 8 pounds per 100- twice what you want. I use 2 roasters for this much.
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