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Pasta Dinner for 100
Hi there! I am a college student and we are feeding the 100 military students on campus a pasta dinner next week. We have already planned and purchased food for the pasta dinner. The building we are having the dinner in does not have a kitchen, so we are making the food in our own houses and taking the food to the venue. Our biggest concern is how to make the food, transport it and keep it warm for our guests.
We have 30lbs of dry pasta and sauce. Our original plan was to cook the pasta and take it in big aluminum pans to the venue and keep hot with sternos, then have the sauce kept hot in crock pots next to the pasta. But I know the pasta is going to stick and overcook... SO, do you think it is a better idea to cook the pasta the day before, mix with the sauce and top with cheese, then we could bake the day of and transport it to the venue and keep hot that way?? What are you easiest and best pasta tips??

Also, we want to do a simple lettuce salad. We already have dressings and croutons. What is a good way to serve a large amount of salad?

We have rolls and cookies being donated. The only other thing is drinks.

We need help! I just want it to be simple enough to execute effectively in our college kitchens and something we can be proud to serve. Thanks so much!

Drew, good for you! Go to the spaghetti page on this site for help on heating and holding spaghetti, and if you look at the very last item, pasta dinner for 50-60, you will have lots of additional guidance, including about the salad.

The baked spaghetti is a really good idea in this situation, there is a baked spaghetti recipe in the basic budget entrees section of Big Pots.

Electric roasters, which hold lots of pasta (enough for about 50 each), are the great choice for holding the spaghetti. They are cheap, and also can often be borrowed.

Can I cook my pasta 2 days in advance of the wedding without sauce and still have a good product. Thanks
No, unless you are doing baked casseroles such as lasagna or the sausage and mozzarella casserole on the spaghetti page. Lots of hints there.
I have been looking for your chicken spaghetti recipe and can not find it. I looked under spaghetti & the big pots. I see the one with meat sauce, but not the chicken spaghetti.
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