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baked potato bar toppings
I know you have stated that use the same amount of toppings for a baked potato bar as you would for tacos. I looked at the taco site you mentioned. I am wondering if that still holds true, as it does not appear to me as the correct amounts. We are having a potato bar at my brother's wedding and I do not want to run short. There will be 55 people ( all adults 25-45 in age) dressing a whole medium to large potato. Thank you for your assistance.
I forgot to state what toppings we are using, sorry. I am having butter, sour cream, real bacon broken ino bits,shredded cheddar cheese, chives, green onions, gravy and salsa.
Hi, Sandra, if you look at the taco/potato bar toppings table, you will see that the size of serving per person is specified. If you think your eaters will want double that size serving (not unknown in the world of butter or sour cream), just double the recommended amount.
Thank you Ellen,I never have done a baked potato bar and the amounts seemed slim. I know when you purchase a loaded baked potato the topping is as large or larger than the potato. My brother wanted gravy as a topping, do you think that it would be popular in lieu of the other toppings. His meats are prime rib and cranberry chicken?
You are going to want gravy anyway- allow 1/4 cup per person.
I suggest you make some baked potato dinners where you measure the toppings before you add them to the size potato you are planning to use, this will give you a visual on whether the amounts will be right for you.
Thank you Ellen, I never thought about doing it ahead of time. I have enough time since it is a February wedding. Thank you again!!
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